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Ronaldinho will not be joining Chapecoense

The agent and brother of Ronaldinho Gaucho, Roberto Assis has recently confirmed that the 36 year old player is not going to be joining Chapecoense but that they will be helping the Brazilian club as much as they can. The 1rst team squad of Chapecoense suffered a devastating accident on November of 2016 where almost […]

Anthony Hudson is serious about qualifying for the 2018 World Cup

A lot of hard work, I have got to give credit to our team manager, Rob Pickstock, has been doing so well in making these fixtures possible.’’ This was the statement released by the head coach of the New Zealand national football team. Anthony Hudson was talking in an interview and responding to questions in […]

Brazilian national football team through Worst Situation

The Brazilian national football team is not going through the best of times as they were disqualified from the 2014 World Cup in an abysmal fashion after losing against Germany with a scoreboard of 7-1. It was a tournament to forget for the Brazilians as they watched their team get crushed in their own home […]

England vs Belgium 1-0

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England U21’s Goal Filled Finishing Practise | Belgium U21 vs England U21 14/11/11

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Training Goals | Belgium U21 vs England U21 14/11/11

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