England Football – Land Of Hope And Glory

Pffffft Video Score: four / five

24 thoughts on “England Football – Land Of Hope And Glory

  1. Great clips, cheers for making this

    Whether it is Shakespeare, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, James Bond, Queen, Benjamin Britten even damn Harry Potter! England is still a world power, a world power of art and culture

  2. @MaestroFire yes to the typical american who thinks his nation is the centre of the earth… wen infact i was agreeing and saying that in reality they were only a lone super power for approx twenty years… Britain was dominant over much longer time scale

  3. @MaestroFire was it important…. goodness me my memory is going…. British superpower 250 yrs until 1920s approx, debatable however…. china begins its nerw century from the year 2000 plus,,, did anyone actually fill the middle… oooo of coarse they did, i remember now… America AND Russia between 1945-1989, america was a lone superpower for mmmmmmm 20 yrs maybe…..

  4. @oxamanda93xo pompous and circustance…… funny, why do use our song at your graduations in america then… cant make your own.

  5. @dalby316 Land of hope and glory was written in 1902, you better said: before your country was even important in the world.



  7. @CornishCockney Cant argue with that. Besides the “clean up your fuckin mess”(britain tends to help in the mess making) everything else is spot on.

  8. @Teclis9 If you look at the last clip of Owen’s goal you’ll see he scored the 4th England goal making it 4 – 1 to England so it’s not like we’ve haven’t ever thrashed you at football… 🙂

  9. @oxamanda93xo LIMEYS ?? this from the country that gave us the fuckin hot dog,the compensation culture and wearing jeans halfway down your arse.
    oh,and by the way, when we come into war zones and clean up your fuckin mess, would it be too much to ask that you STOP FUCKIN SHOOTING OUR BOYS !!!! friendly fire ? yeeeeeehaaaaaaa
    ps: george dubya bush…….. i rest my case

  10. LOL when i see all these racist comments from these english fans i really ask myself who really are the Nazis
    no International Title for England in the next 44 Years XD

  11. England have become the JOKE of football! Thats why i dont watch them anymore!
    Italian manager.
    Terry..slept with team mates wife.
    Cole..Affair and shot someone.
    Carroll..beat his wife and smashed a glass in someones face.
    Madness…Not to mention the fact that capello nd he FA have constantly looked for loopholes in the rules to use foraign players from the EPL on he bases of how long they have been in the UK. Like Nzogbia. Just one big joke and ne i refuse to be apary of.

  12. 2, count em 2 world wars and and a world cup, the only bit of your dead language i need to learn you kraut cunt! EN-GER-LAND and proud!

  13. watch?v=ahaFJuDlzL8

    this song sould be on it instead of that fuckin choir mate

  14. @1987LOZ1987 Well said, lets not forget they are making fools of themselves speaking ENGLISH 🙂

  15. @bosselbi You are trying to get a rise out of people here and I’m not going to!

  16. @Teclis9

    I’d rather win two world wars than a football match. Unlucky son.

  17. This is an English video, of an English team, playing an English sport, with an English song, written by an English guy, celebrating England. If you aren’t English and you’ve come here to take the piss then you’re a complete idiot.

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