EXCLUSIVE: Roy Hodgson takes England-U21 training

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17 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Roy Hodgson takes England-U21 training

  1. I first came to admire Roy when I saw his Fulham side playing in the Europa
    League 2009/2010. In my opinion, he is one of the most experienced managers
    there is and I hope he leads England to victory in September’s World Cup
    qualifiers. And last week I saw what his side did to my country Scotland in
    the friendly!

  2. It’s only a friendly… I know it’s Scotland-the old enemy- but we should
    play the youngest squad we have and give them experience so in september if
    its the worst case scenario they have confidence to play in the first team
    in the WC qualifier’s.

  3. But the worst-case-scenario is almost definitely not gonna happen. I doubt
    the seniors will be out injured if that’s what you mean.

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