FATV’s Best of England U21’s Training 2011

Pffffft Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “FATV’s Best of England U21’s Training 2011

  1. I wish I had the chance like that to play professionally or even get into an academy but it hasn’t happened for me yet.

  2. You can say what you like about the goals, but the goalkeeping is shocking..

  3. the thing that will make chamberlain go far is that he is humble-mark my words hel be a star,from the united supporter

  4. For a man being paid £6m per year, drawing against the likes of the USA and Montenegro was pathetic. And Capello was in charge during England’s heaviest ever World Cup defeat. Against the Germans. I feel sorry for whoever the new manager is. He has just a few months before the European Championships. And the English do not even have a captain. Very sad, because the English are one of just a few nations to have won the World Cup, and they took over 100, 000 fans to South Africa without incident.

  5. englands u21’s is better than the first team why dont we use them in the euro’s and prepare them for next world cup

  6. i was like where is tom cleverly???
    then i saw the last goal and said there he is

  7. after watching englands u21 training an usa mens training…england is way better i believe england u21 are better then some first team nations

  8. 1:54 AOX: hehehe. i pissed my self, cause that’s the first time i’ve ever heard him and i always thought of him to have a really low pitched voice. funny shit

  9. lets accept the reality … British footballers, managers and youth coaches will never be the best as the Spaniards , French , German and Dutch are much better than the British at football

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