Foul Play – Argentina

Pffffft Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. quilmes are not even the least bit archrivals of River Plate. stupid unimformed twats.

  2. It made me sick to see this state of affairs. Am so glad that i enjoy rugby, hockey and many other sports in preference to football. In most sports rival fans can stand together without hassle and still drink beer.

  3. Quilmes, chicago, tigre Son hinchadas de 3tercer Oden en Argentina First Leven Of rthe Hooligans Is Boca Jr Jugador 12, River Plate Borrachos del tablon, Independiente, Racing La guardia Imperial, San lorenzo Fc La Butteller, Lanus Fc La 14…En el Mundail 2014 Preparanse Ingleses van a cobrar como en el 86

  4. thanks, very interesting – I just wish you’d allow your films to be embedded

  5. @ShaktipatSeer2 I know, right? With their hand-drawn signs and the sparse furnishings, it reminded me of a 6th grade art classroom, signing songs and whatnot.

  6. These Barra Brava guys have the mentality of 12 year olds… seriously grow the fuck up… 7:00 It’s an achievement to go to a shitty footbal pub every week for your whole life? Really bro? 

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  8. The best solution to this problem is to ban people who are influenced with alcohol from entering the building then hand out fat cannabis rolls at the gate and incourage evereone to light the medicine as they watch the game.

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