James Corden “Smithy” – England Football Team Sketch (FULL) – Comic Relief

Pffffft Video Ranking: four / five

23 thoughts on “James Corden “Smithy” – England Football Team Sketch (FULL) – Comic Relief

  1. What do you call the useless, unfunny wasteful flab of skin and fat around the penis?
    James Cordon.
    So bad a comedy actor even Matthew Horne couldn’t tolerate him after one series of Horne & Cordon (which coincidentally was a flop and cancelled after one series on the BBC).

  2. this got be one off the funnies thinks i ever seen in my life. jame corden one hell of a guy

  3. scouselegend no britain scotland, wales and england only n.ireland is park of the uk though whic stand for ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothan Ireland

  4. im not surprised this was on TV. being about the english football team waving the flag for losers around the world. i mean under dogs.

    football propaganda aside this fat unshaven git isn’t funny at all.

  5. @markky60 Well, thats not true, and you dont have a be a prick about your opinion.

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