Kasabian Unveil England Away Shirt – “Fire”

Pffffft Video clip Score: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Kasabian Unveil England Away Shirt – “Fire”

  1. @iankeane100 first England´╗┐ needs to win the Euro at least once ­čśë

  2. even being mexican, i love wearing my england jersey, because i know from where´╗┐ real football comes from

  3. awesome!´╗┐ The Divs like Kasabian
    Come On!
    The Divs, We Are England, quality England Song gets BBC deal 2010.
    Divs front man predicts England World Champions with a clean sheet throughout.
    Believe It !

  4. The launch of England shirt should be at a gig in England. Let the Frogs show their own. Kasabian’s mercenary agenda gave no´╗┐ thought to us English.

  5. I love´╗┐ this unveiling, great play by Umbro. Listen to the French booing…

  6. Mmm, will someone tell saltal, the knob, that Italy are actually the world´╗┐ champions?

  7. im confused as to why Kasabian unvieled the shirt and not Rooney….. Are Kasabian doing the world cup song, will´╗┐ it be as bad as Embraces appauling effort?

  8. Tom he’s´╗┐ Irish …..DESCENT …Serg is Italian …DESCENT ….good they support the only winning team …..ENGLAND

  9. He looks so unfit in that kit,´╗┐ I would’ve atleast exercised a little for the unveiling

  10. touche. though i’d have though the key word in an´╗┐ england away kit launch would have been “england”

  11. TheSIlverSamm

    You’d love if Brazil stayed out of the World Cup, wouldn’t you? So we wouldn’t kick England’s behind back´╗┐ to London early once again. ­čÖé

    England’s tops are the world’s finest – no brand does it like Umbro. Congrats, my British friends, wear it with pride.


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