Lost Kingdoms Of Africa – Ethiopia pt I

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25 thoughts on “Lost Kingdoms Of Africa – Ethiopia pt I

  1. @SickFlameKilla where did you get your facts from?? Africans are the original human beings. The garden of Eden is located in north eastern part of Africa.

  2. Thank you for uploading this. I heard about his show. And have been looking for full episodes.

  3. @TheFlutevisions That is true brother, I have some native American Cherokee blood in me and racist whites like David Duke are claiming that whites are the original native to America

  4. @Belgiansteel I said some white folks, not all white folks. From the way you responded
    you fit the bill buddy. I know there no such thing as racism and all white folks are good people.

  5. the male chewing on the chtat says it makes you high and the translator in shame says, it stimulates you!… call it for what it is a drug lol

  6. archaeologist found the oldest human bones in the aboriginees..where life started…then the aboriginal people migrated to Africa

  7. Some of are white brothers and sisters will find it hard to accept any of this African history.
    They are fill with so much contempt toward Africa and Africans that the truth hurts them to the

  8. @dieugrandify Go agrue with the scientist’s then, and give them your theory of where life began.

  9. Hey check this out. The University of Cambridge recently dedicated scholarly backing of an African-centered Egypt & Nubia. They have a virtual museum where you can take a virtual tour and everything. Check it out. Just google “Fitzwilliam Museum Virtual Kemet”. To all the unbelievers out there who can’t accept the scientifically accepted facts about the Black African origins of Egypt AND Nubia, I wish you much luck challenging the #1 ranked University in the World, The University of Cambridge.

  10. Human race didn’t begin in Africa taking Adam for consideration.
    Solomon never rarried Shiba therefor no son….

  11. Abyssinia is most fascinating; I thoroughly enjoyed watching the short documentary! Thanks!

  12. Excellent documentary. Thank you so much for posting. My father (God Rest Him) thought The Emperor was great man, even when the propaganda machine turned against him. How was the Arc of the Covenant protected from Mussolini and Hitler?. Now that would make an interesting story.

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  14. ethiopian jews brought the ark to ethiopia from jerusalem 2500 years ago ethiopian owe alot to ethiopian jews beacause the ark protecet ethiopia til this day may god protect ethiopia and her people always peace.

  15. @tooblack09 You know they be lieing…bet the white man skeleton they found was insurance fraud..LMFAO

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