Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho has announced that he will be signing for Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro after just one week after leaving Flamengo. Ronaldinho encountered a lot of problems with Flamengo over unpaid wages and lack of interest in training.

He left the club just one week ago and it has not taken long for the superstar to find another club. The former Barcelona superstar is widely considered to be one of the best players in the world. He also attracts a sizeable marketing opportunity as well. However, at 31 years of age, he is on the twilight of his career.

Only recently, a number of television images showed Ronaldinho training with the Atlético Mineiro, which increased speculation. Ronaldinho has now put an end to the speculation by confirming that he will sign for the Brazilian club shortly.

The former AC Milan midfielder left Europe to return to his home country in order to win the titles, but he has not been given the opportunity to do the same at Flamengo. He has also now sued his former club over the unpaid wages. It is thought that Ronaldinho will be earning the same amount of money he was getting at Flamengo. He is on a contract worth around £ 120,000 per week.

“I returned to Brazil to win titles and now I’m having a new opportunity. I’m arriving at the club to give my best and to try to help Atlético win titles. I’m motivated and focused on doing my best. I feel like I still have many good years left in my career,” said Ronaldinho.

“I can’t talk about his salary. But Atlético will be able to pay for it by itself, we won’t need the help of a partner. He is not just any player, he is Ronaldinho. I have a reputation as a madman but I am not mad enough to turn down the chance to sign Ronaldinho,” said club president Kalil. “Next up is Ronaldo” he joked.