Ronaldo Last Game in Football Brazil 1-0 Romania 6/7/11

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24 thoughts on “Ronaldo Last Game in Football Brazil 1-0 Romania 6/7/11

  1. @WiizKidx but has messi single handidly led argentina to winning the world cup… he’s not a legend until hes done that in my opinion =)

  2. @WiizKidx Messi isn’t shit compared to Ronaldo.
    Ronalod used to do things most players thought unthinkable.

  3. @WiizKidx What legend ? What a legend? He left Barcelona as Xavi retires, it evolves into a different tactic and it is good in selection for this assertion, his golden balls mean nothing, it’s an extraordinary player with an intelligence gaming and incredibly efficient, but stop the bullshit …

  4. messi will not be a legend simply because he plays in a league where football is for kids not real football

  5. People are saying Ronaldo is the last legend to play football? Are you shitting me? Messi is almost already a legend. I don’t think it will be dumb to say that Messi will surpass Ronaldo.

  6. @egyptsux1 The disease can be controlled by taking a tablet, Ronaldo wanted to use it but it would be breaching the no drugs rule.

  7. It is just disturbing when people call C.Ronaldo Ronaldo.Ronaldo is only one.

  8. @egyptsux1
    lol nice name..he has a thyroid problem , which controls your weight

  9. @greatdreams89 he had a disease???? i feel bad for calling him fatass all the time now…

  10. that is beutiful how the whole team helps him out trying to let him make his last goal in honor of him ronaldo will always be a legend

  11. @shadowawakening777 messi had a hormore defiency which made him smaller and he wouldnt grow and Ronaldo had fat disease soo its abit hard :{

  12. @greatdreams89 Did you ever consider that perhaps Ronaldo is great because of these things? I hate to talk about Messi on a video dedicated to Ronaldo but he too had a disease which may have ended his footballing career, perhaps these diseases have made them humble and understand the value of football and it’s why they are so great.

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