Samba- Brazil football Team

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25 thoughts on “Samba- Brazil football Team

  1. @meaturama ronaldo did in 2002 at his highest peak(he was the star of the tournament, remember the half cut hair cut), kaka was part of the 2002 world cup winnig squad as well as with ronaldinho who was part of the team in the final of 2002 from start to finish.

  2. goddamn ronaldinho, ronaldo, adriano, kaka at their absolute peak how did they not win the world cup?

  3. @AishahSofea96 – Well… Go and see him play for Real Madrid then!

  4. @algeriafortfort – Well… we have Dani Alves now, whose the best at it!!

  5. @TheDidio13 – Look at your mum’s face, when she came in when u had an orgasm at 1:00.

  6. @nascar42fan – HAHAHA @U F’n Tossa!!! I luv how u create so many UID’s, just to get thumbs up, for an attention-seeking drooler! The ’02 team was twice better(as they had Rivaldo; who set up Ronaldo’s goals!), and even the 1970 team was alot better too!!! The ’06 side came crashing out in the Qtrs, and so did last yr’s!!! So there is no comparison to the ’02 team. And u think u know Football??…. HAHAHAHAHA *LMFAO* You have NFI!!

  7. @stevinho98 Ronaldo is without any doubt the best one (for me, he is the best striker in the history of football) , Ronaldinho yes, he is a legend but Neymar it’s too early to say that in my opinion ! he did nothing till now … he has an imense talent but let’s see what could Neymar do for Brazil !!

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