Sing It For England – World Cup 2010 Football Song

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25 thoughts on “Sing It For England – World Cup 2010 Football Song

  1. @AndrewLee2210 its not the club that matters. people dont aspire to premier
    league champions, they aspire to be world champions, european champions
    etc. they aspire to play for their country on the biggest stage of them all
    and win it. but obviously you are just ignorant and goes to show how
    deluded the english fans are. cant accept their team cant play good
    football. you have no star players, you have a bunch of average players
    playing for themselves. wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. HA HA greetings from germany…yes it was only the ref..haha loosers better
    play cricket or what ever u inselaffen plays^^

  3. @dannielle090 wow, you seem to be an open minded and humble person (calling
    us nazis…). By the way: the better team won ! and if history repeats,
    we´ll meet at the next penalty shootout. and don´t be jealous because of
    the 3 stars instead of lions 😉 What a nice week this is !

  4. @otze2007 so spast Inselaffen is ne beleidigung und muss man euch Deutsche
    immer wieder dran erinner das IHR gegen Italien Verloren habts die
    Nichtskönner im Sport, naja wer gegen schauspieler Verliert na ich weiss
    nicht sollte villeicht doch die Fresse halten, spast!

  5. @Mezzo396 can you read?….i said the players where good for their clubs
    but the england team DONT WORK! they are the best footballers on a club
    level rooney was in the top 3 for the golden boot last season in a league
    60% full of foreign players! explained that one fucking idiot

  6. This song always makes me feel so homesick, I live in The Netherlands
    now…really love it here……but this song always makes me
    realise….there’s only one home….and…my home will always be
    England…….2012 could just be our year……COME ON ENGLAND !

  7. @AndrewLee2210 man i agree with you.. these cunts say our players only seem
    good in club football as they all play in england..what the dumb cunts dont
    relise is the prem leauge is like 40-60% players from out of the uk. the
    world hates england for the amount of pride we put in to supporting our
    team and if they lose then they let us know about it but fuck it. ENGLAND
    TILL I DIE! we have a great team on paper,great players but they just dont
    seem to work together

  8. @jamesham12345 i know, people just dont want to believe their teams suck,
    even though they never perform. just because rooney is better than a few
    other crappy english players doesnt make him a great striker, hes just the
    best of the worst.

  9. @DeathStrokeX240 blind as a bat eh?? you would be singing another song if
    it was the other way around….. Remember 1966? do some research, take a
    look mate. I’m sure that England didnt mind taking that goal, now did they?

  10. @TillMyska ziehleine du dumme sau! so was is nicht sportlich! also schau
    das du dich wieder verkriechts dahin wo du hingehörst, unr Argentienen ab,
    das wir euer Ende sein! jetzt Fresse halten! PS eingentlich waren 4:2 (1)

  11. @RedLine441 I do not doubt the Scotland v Germany scoreline would be dire,
    but look at the resources and population England have to draw on. Problem
    is that England are the history of football. England cling onto 19 fucking
    66, Escape to Victory and the fact that they believe England won WW2.
    Memories and history does not win games. England just do not have what it
    takes by wallowing in the past. Im sure Michael Cain would have done a
    better job out there than half the players today.

  12. @Mezzo396 Here! Here! Delusion is the name of the game in English football.
    What about that recent advertising campaign where they featured
    Shrek…….sorry Rooney with greats like Kaka. It was absolutely
    laughable. England try to talk that talk but just cannot walk the walk.
    Simple as that. But then fans such as AndrewLee2210 cant seem to appreciate
    or understand that there is a difference between national pride and

  13. I don’t understand why FIFA don’t want us to host the world cup. In 2022,
    Qatar are hosting it… a country who have never even qualified. No
    offence, but they probably won’t even make it past round 1. Here’s hoping
    England do better next time, they really made a fool of themselves in 2010.
    Only 1-0 against Slovenia, 0-0 with Algeria and we couldn’t even beat the
    U.S. who don’t even care about football. They really need to sack Rooney.
    He is shit

  14. @Fireflymunich hast du mal gezählt, wie oft du dir selbst widersprichst pro
    kommentar ? alleine die einleitung “so spast Inselaffen is ne beleidigung”
    ist nicht nur orthographisch falsch, sondern ein absolutes paradoxon, oder
    nennst du deine mutter auch gerne mal spast (was man eigentlich spasst
    schreiben müsste, wenn es wirklich ein Wort wäre, das auch im Duden steht)
    ? Und die Statistik England vs Italien solltest Du Dir auch mal anschauen.
    Das bessere Team hat gewonnen, no discussion !!!! : ?

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