The Umbro England Away Kit 2010 – England Football Players Get The Full Story

Pffffft Video Ranking: five / five

25 thoughts on “The Umbro England Away Kit 2010 – England Football Players Get The Full Story

  1. what the fuck! its football not a fashion show! just get on and play the game!

  2. aaaaaaaaw for god sake someone please stop these idoits…. its a wonder they under achive all the time, if its not a player being accused of being a racist, or a player dating hookers, its somthing stupid like this crap like the star isnt gold now due to pressure being put on the team!!!! christ.

    Look for once just go and play the game and stop all this limey fluffing about….. pfffffffff seriously.

  3. What a load of utter bullshit. Give back the land you scummy bastards stole celtic and proud of it. The uk is just a way to get more money into england

  4. oh great that it’s comfortable but it looks shit. would love to see a modern england kit with a lot more red

  5. The heart of the successful is Team Work. This is the reason why England Team not success.

  6. @MrRadabong Unless the ball hit you in the nuts, then not wearing clothes would be regrettable

  7. @raincash because umbro is an english brand, we dont want to wear german or american brands on an england kit, its downgrading!

  8. It doesnt matter what you wear. You can be naked and still win a match if you have the skills. 

  9. wow, i thought it was just slap on an old retro styling and were away. But the concept of the shirt makes sense and its pretty bloody smart at that, well don Aitor!

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