Ronaldinho Gaucho is set to leave Queretaro sooner than expected

Ronaldinho Gaucho signed a 2 year long contract with the Mexican outfit Queretaro on September of 2014 but it seems like the Brazilian midfielder will be making his exit sooner than initially expected as all signs are pointing towards Ronaldinho leaving before he fulfills his 2 year-long contract.

Victor Manuel Vucetich is the coach of Queretaro and he has already confirmed his intention of offloading Ronaldinho Gaucho as soon as he can.

Queretaro’s Manuel Vucetich said: “It will depend on various factors and things, but the idea is that he no longer participates for us,”

Earlier in May, Queretaro played a league match against Pachuca which concluded in a 2-0 defeat for Victor Manuel Vucetich and his team. During this match, Ronaldinho was substituted even before the opening 45 minutes of the game had reached and the Brazilian player was so angry that he decided to leave the stadium.

It doesn’t look like Ronaldinho Gaucho and Victor Manuel have a healthy relationship as the player is constantly angry at decisions that the Mexican manager makes and one of the choices that Victor Manuel does which has frustrated Ronaldinho is the decision of benching the Brazilian player for the majority of the last stages of the Mexican league.

Ronaldinho is not a regular starter for Vucetich and it’s pretty obvious that the Brazilian midfielder is growing frustrated about his current situation in Queretaro and a transfer away from the club is the most likely option.

Victor Manuel Vucetich said that in terms of marketing and attracting viewers to watch football in Mexico, signing Ronaldinho was a wise decision but that he needs players who are on the rise and Ronaldinho at the age of 35 has seen better days.

“Marketing-wise it was an enormous success, he’s got great quality, but we need players that contribute in all aspects. Mexican soccer needs people that are on the up, not on the slide and that is very important for the league.” Queretaro’s Vucetich added on.