Swing Low, Sweet Rugby Controversy?

20 thoughts on “Swing Low, Sweet Rugby Controversy?

  1. This whole idea that culture is meant to be shared and doesn't belong to people is stupid. That's the whole idea of culture. Kimonos will always belong to the Japanese . Salsa will always belong to the Hispanics. Hip hop, r&b, jazz and blues will always belong to African Americans. Samba will always being tô Afro Brazilians. That doesn't mean that people can't listen and appreciate it. Just don't take it. There is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Unfortunately most of the time cultural appropriation happens. Taking something from a culture without considering it's value and sacredness in said culture and completely changing t and taking credit for it is WRONG and it's not appreciation. Stop trying to justify your thievery of different cultures. You can appreciate without taking

  2. Most of the people who don't find this offensive are not even African Americans. If your not black then you really don't have a say bc it's not your culture and roots that it being appropriated. The rugby teams took this song and made a watered down soulless bland bleach version. This song was written by a former slave and is about escaping slavery. You can't just take it and use it for sports which is completely disrespectful to the meaning of the lyrics. This maybe shocking and odd to white people but how about having some respect for cultures and not taking it and without giving credit and then get mad and confused when the original culture gets offended.

  3. now I know it pisses off snowflakes, I will sing it at every England match, as I always have. people don't own words, ergo they can not be appropriated.

  4. So people are using the for positive reasons, and little whiny SJWs are complaining. Fuck them. keep singing the song.

  5. Irish Slaves abound today and in history .
    In Jamaica , on the sugar plantations , red haired Irish Women slaves were mated like animals to the strongest , tallest , smartest black male slaves to produce a desired commodity .. cafe au lait mulattoes to be used as beautiful house slaves by Jefferson and those like him . He loved them , you might say .
    Modern Capitalism depends on Modern Slavery , as we all know .
    Subsistence permitted for the workers , but they own nothing .

  6. The song was first sung by England fans during their victory over Ireland in 1988 in tribute to african born Chris Oti who scored three tries in the match. This song's association with English rugby pre-dates its use by the national side as it was sung by many clubs in domestic matches. Some cultural misappropriation can be offensive but I don't think this use is.

  7. there is only controversy because you fuckers at CNN are trying to divide people on racial lines. race is a jewish construct. they are trying to create division and bring this current world down to build a "new" one. just like how there is a movement to abolish the "redskins" in washington DC. FUCK OFF CNN.

  8. what happened that day no news in the entire world this was the only story must have been a slow day

  9. I'm not a huge fan of mainstream media because I love the people's media which is online media. But why if you hate CNN so much do you watch this "fake" news? You guys remind me of Trump,

  10. This is why liberals are repulsive. I'm a Obama, Sanders supporter and the liberal, granola eating, whining, bitchy liberal thing makes me throw up in disgust.

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