Brasilian football – The Collection!

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25 thoughts on “Brasilian football – The Collection!

  1. No one is better than Brazil, you can say whatever you want but the
    Brazilian team has always been so special for all the world and the Samba
    players are without any doubt the best in the world

  2. @JumpingTomato are you stupid? brazil would just walk around them, barca
    can pass, but brazil can do everything, shoot, pass, dribble, and head,
    something messi cant do…

  3. Brasil = melhor em futebol! 😀 That is all I bother saying en Português.
    lol ¡¡yo quero Brasil y futbol muy mucho!! Tu sabes 😉

  4. ummm you guys need to calm down this compilation wasnt very good. Totally
    failed to capture the samba spirit. THe clips sucked

  5. Ronaldinho and Robinho – I just love them♥. Long live Brazil !!! Greetz
    from Germany.

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