England football manager Fabio Capello resigns

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23 thoughts on “England football manager Fabio Capello resigns

  1. english are idiots… Yoy are being too sensitive about the “racist” stuff and you will regret it. England is getting a bit unbearable to live in.

  2. whay fabio do this if the reason is terry I think terry should accept what his manager said

  3. EURO 2012: I think this will leave England getting knocked out in the groupstages, facing humiliation or a heroic performance as a team ending them winning the whole thing. Cant really see them getting kicked out in the quarter/semifinals or something this time as usual. No It is going to be hell or heaven which is exiting.

  4. Looks like the jt situation was the last straw, Capello finally had enough of englands political correctness

  5. Well iv’e won the World Cup with England on Football Manager, guess that makes me prime candidate haha

  6. NO WONDER he resigns cause england is a team you will win NEVER EVER something big with them in a tournament!
    england as a whole team must finally change their mentality and the mentality of all their cocky and spoiled players if they want win finally something too

  7. johnjoeover i would like you to say that to my face you would wake up on the floor with no teeth

  8. @HurtmeDontPlease We need our league made bigger.We dont need our two biggest teams going south.It would kill the game if they did.And there would be little TV interest in our game.Instead off trying to compete with the English league.We should model ourself on the scandanavian systems.And introduce summer football,so when our teams play in Europe.They would be ready and into there season,B4 they play some Russian team in the prelimary rounds.And at least have half a chance off doing something.

  9. @HurtmeDontPlease Premier league changed to the SPL in the 90ties.And Ranegrs and Celtic are not fighting to be in the EPL.Ranegrs especially its the other lot that has been going to more meetings.Rangers were at one meeting about 15 years ago.And yet people are still mentioning it.The only reason that I would want us playing in England.Is if we had no choice,and were going bust.And some people say that could happen still.I am much happier winning world records in Scotland,and staying the champs

  10. @legandrydirk
    If Scottish football is’nt insignificant, then why are the big two so desperate to break into the English premier? Which i for one, hope happens! Your country has produced some wonderful talent over the years, of this there is no denying! And some of the best managers for that matter! You’ve had a Premier league since the 70’s??? Right, fair enough, i stand corrected! But my main point to that other chap earlier still remains! IMHO!

  11. @HurtmeDontPlease We call the big league the Scottish premier league.The first division is the league below,the second tier off Scottish football.We have had a Premier league,since the seventies.

  12. @HurtmeDontPlease It must have been cos they have never won the big league.Sure that is why one off us insignificant Jocks,called William McGregor set up the English league.He was a ex Scotland international and Aston Villa chairman.Without McGregor the Father off the English game,there would be no league down there.Scots have set up leagues all around the world.And FIFA counts insignificant Scotland as co founders off the game.Since Glasgow is home to international football,thats you told tube.

  13. @legandrydirk
    In 1977 they won it! Or was that the second tier!
    Tbh, i would’nt imagine anyone apart from Jocks themselves know much about Scottish football since it happens to be so insignificant a country when it comes to the great sport!

  14. @HurtmeDontPlease St Mirren have never ever won the Scottish league.And Fergie was there only for a short time.Before moving up to Aberdeen.you clearly dont know anything about Scottish football.

  15. @DaleWF10
    I’m gonna dig yo dead daddies carcass outta tha ground and make it look at muh empty eye socket as i pound his worthless ass, you cUm guzzling sodomite! Now jog on and stop spreading your NONCE(ical) retardation upon the tubes! Man Utd were a sleeping giant! No manager on earth could get St Mirren to win the main title again, like fergy did with them & u seem incapable of digesting what i’m trying to say to you! Are u Bi-polar or something? 😀

  16. @HurtmeDontPlease MAN UTD where the same fucking level as them in 1986 you fucking SPASTIC RETARD. Now fuck off. You’re stupid. And what the fuck is Butthurt go suck your dead grans ashes outta your dads battycrease. Pussy’

  17. @DaleWF10
    Why so butthurt, dale?! What are you, 16/17? still shitting yellow by the seems of your lame comments! (Is that you in the Avatar? You look ghey, are you ghey, dale? Just asking is all) Back on topic! If u are trying to say that Alex shitting Fergusen would be capable of taking a ‘good’ side like what Derby or Forest were back in the 70s, lets say a team like Sunderland or Stoke, & turn them into Prem league winners, then YOU are the fool, not i! The gap has widened 2 much!

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