England Football Song – Vindaloo

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25 thoughts on “England Football Song – Vindaloo

  1. The Laguna sunrise you racist basterd fucking grow´╗┐ up if you don’t like England football song then don’t fucking watch them simple

  2. @DrAg0nG3M This song made me go out and buy a book called “Football for Dummies” (U.K. Edition). And a paire of Shin guards, Cleats, and a football. I’m to learning the English game of football. lol now I tell my dad I like football and thin see what he say and thin I tell him its english football not Amarican football lol he will normaly gose gggrrrrr and calls me a trator like normal´╗┐ lol I tell him I’m going to my room and turn on some Brit’ Rock N’ Roll. by the way sweet Wembley stadium

  3. What’s´╗┐ the original football song? The brazilian one with the trumpet?and its slow at start…?

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  7. @TheLagunaSunrise Right now the only threat is you spoiling the smile´╗┐ – caused by a fun piece of music!

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