ENGLAND VS GERMANY 2-1: Goals and highlights U18s international

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22 thoughts on “ENGLAND VS GERMANY 2-1: Goals and highlights U18s international

  1. That passing at the end was class shame we could finsh the goal off seeing
    morn off that with are youth set up good news but still long way too go too
    he as good as Spain and Germany 

  2. Lol fail, when winks scores it says 82′
    But later the scoreboard says 2 1 England at the 78th minute!! Haha! 

  3. Hope they clean my seat! A Wednesday fan was sat in my season ticket spot!
    XD The Mexican wave at the end of the game was quality! :D

  4. The problem isn’t talent I actually think England have more talented young
    players than Germany. The problem is English players don’t get a chance
    because small clubs overprice English kids so price them out of the big
    clubs and big clubs need results fast so don’t risk kids. In Germany
    because the level isn’t as high and has less pressure they give German kids
    a chance to play. Look at Liverpool Sturridge, Sterling, Flanagan and
    Henderson are as good as anything out in Europe if not world but would they
    have been given chance at any other big club? I doubt it. 

  5. it’s a shame that many of these talented young englishmen are never going
    to be as good as they are on the big stages later on in their life

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