Rugby Referees Compilation – Wielding power with respect.

20 thoughts on “Rugby Referees Compilation – Wielding power with respect.

  1. Hahahaha This is boring af. Nothing better than some passion and a heated moment and argument which happens in football (soccer).

  2. Would like to see a tmo and the same professional standards upheld on a football pitch. Microphone and earpiece on a ref and things become much simpler.

  3. I guess in football the laws aren't as stringent. Refs don't have enough backup, they often make wrong calls and that's normal but it shouldn't be. That's the abusive power footballers take to win them games. If you can convince the ref making a right decision to become what you want of it, why not? They don't penalize players properly for that, for some reason. I love rugby and the camaraderie that comes with it , even though in the first 15 seconds of my first rugby game I got kicked in the face and KO-ed for the same amount of time.


  4. I'm sorry but these refs seem like pompous jerks. It seems like discipline is valued more than maintaining the flow of the game

  5. A thug sport played by gentlemen. Could use more of that attitude at football.

  6. football would be so much better if this was implemented before next season

    this is how it should be

  7. "Football is a gentleman's game played by hooligans, rugby is a hooligans' game played by gentlemen"

  8. boys as captains with loud mouths… management need their heads examining.

  9. "Your see that man with the orange jersey,well then" I swear props are so thick

  10. if there was transparency in football refs there would be equal respect. u can tell there is good communication between referring team and the players. in football you can have all 4 refs miss a foul, or the 4th seeing the foul but not able to communicate with the ref… lol

  11. I remember playing rugby as a boy and the ref making me shake hands after a fight. rugby installs great behaviour on or off the field.

  12. Hello Finland, its about one of the remaining true sports where refs are expected…

  13. These are examples of thins going right. When things go wrong in Rugby they go very wrong so back off from slating football (soccer) even if they have foul mouthed players they have really decent people playing the sport too.

  14. this isnt because the refs are buffy, its because they're revered probably because they get the calls right unlinke football, especially those spanish ref that have been bought by madrids perez

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