England vs Belgium 1-0

Pffffft Video Rating: 2 / five

25 thoughts on “England vs Belgium 1-0

  1. this is just a guess but I think all the thumbs down is from non-Arsenal fans who aren’t used to your channel yet and thought this video would be highlights and not a review haha.

  2. Thanks, i really do not care about the haters, they are just sad people who have nothing better to do in their lives

  3. Yes adam Jonson and Micah Richards are better choices than Downing and Kelly, also Crouch instead of Caroll for me , I mean he has a great scoring record for England, Did you see scezny today for Poland, not only is he a liability for Arsenal he has shown that he is just too error prone for Poland too.

  4. You try to make moves that are wise, but you’ll end up with your head in between your thighs.

  5. andy carrol is a donkey. welbeck or defoe to start. id have crouch ahead of all of all of them. wheres lennon ffs??

  6. of course i do but i try not to raise my hopes as i know it will lead to dissapointment….specially with our squad now

  7. i think england should bring in richards from
    city cus he is a tank and will do a job

  8. oh yeah completely forgot about him, welbeck for caroll, young for caroll,thx for reminding me xD

  9. no room for ash.young?, hes one of the few creative players england have got..

  10. simply because welbeck is better on the ball than caroll, and with caroll as st, we can use his aerial ability

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