MNT vs. Brazil: Highlights – July 23, 2003

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9 thoughts on “MNT vs. Brazil: Highlights – July 23, 2003

  1. brazilian keeper: “I wish i was as good as he is”

    usa team: “we wish they were as good as they are”

  2. i can’t think of a better match that shows a better keeper performance…i know people think that a diving keeper deflecting the ball is sexy, but keller catches the shots (from an excellent brazilian team) with supurb technique….amazing…..maybe he didn’t do this every game, but this is one of the best performances ever by ANY keeper….no way a performance like this would have been given by casillas or buffon…no way….but then, their defenses are better

  3. @afmilacci you got there just before me, thats a great catch, it should of been offside, i remember when that mexico vs SA game had that call, i thought that there was no way he was offsides, until i learned that its the last 2 men back…. should of been an offsides, but that is a tough call to make

  4. @patbills88 Good eyes, patbills. Well spotted.  I think a similar situation was actually called offiside in the 2010 cup where a Mexican defender was on the back post and the goalie went off his line. At first everyone criticized the call, but it was confirmed as correct.

  5. pause at 4:17 and 4:27 penalty should not have been given, offsides should have been called. In this situation the goalie is the last defender and the player who shot to draw the penalty is offside

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