World Cup 2010 anthem – Wav’in Flag (cover) by Allan

Pffffft Movie Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 anthem – Wav’in Flag (cover) by Allan

  1. Hi Allan,

    Good to hear from you again… missed you a lot. Hope you’re happy and well… Chris


  3. Too old to come into the choir of the Toelzers but not too old to play soccer in any top team here in Hamburg/Germany…:)
    Let me invite you to visit my channel please.

  4. i love this very much Allan.. what a great rendition and awesome video =))
    you really make us happy.. thank you so much for sharing your talent to us
    god bless,

  5. Superb Allan!! This is a truly great version of this song and I’m so happy you’re continuing to grow and develop your exceptional talent. I can hardly wait to see what you’ll come up with next….. Chris

  6. Hi, Allan !
    This is a fantastic song. But, it sounds much better when you sing it.
    ( unfortunately, also the german Team had not really a chance to come to the finals )
    More Please !!!
    Best Greetings to your Mom & your Sisters !


  7. Ghana but when they were eliminated I was backing Spain. (hope I’m not offending anyone out there)

  8. Great Job Allan, Don’t give up on your dream i know one day you will be a star!! Can’t wait to see more from you!

  9. If there is anyone who deserves a record label it is you my boy!!! You have a very powerful voice, and you know how to use it!!! Keep up the great work and posting, don’t ever give up on your dream i know you will go Very far in life!!!

  10. Spain or the Netherlands? We’ll see.
    K’naan or Allan? For me Allan is the 2010 number 1.
    This weekend Allan will be the opening act on

  11. Excellent cover Allan. This song is perfect for your voice. Good luck and best wishes.

  12. Great singing and harmonies. I could “feel” the energy in this song! Your passion for the game really shines through, and your love of music also shows in this one.
    Well done!

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